2022 Housing Market Trends

2022 Housing Market Trends

The 2022 housing market is constantly on the move, so it is important to keep an eye out for changes, trends, and new developments as they emerge. Many factors affect the 2022 housing market, from the price of lumber to to the policy decisions of the federal reserve. Like other sectors of the economy, the 2022 housing market is experiencing its own supply chain issues, with high costs of raw material and a consequent inability to fill demand. This is leading to tight market conditions that can be good for sellers, or just favor the buyer who comes prepared to make the fastest offer.

Another trend to pay attention to is the expectation that home prices will continue to rise in 2022, a trend which will benefit homeowners while negatively affecting first time buyers. This trend can be an advantage for sellers who have owned their home for some time, but it could make moving more difficult without more homes for sale on the market. The possibility of remote work untying people to a single location could allow people to move from high cost of living areas, but this is not something that has had a significant impact yet, as there are still very few homes being offered.

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