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Delaware County Mortgage BrokersThank you for visiting the Team Mortgage Mom website – we’re here to be your trusted choice in Delaware County mortgage brokers. Our “Mortgage Mom” Deanne Katsaros has been helping people like you with mortgage advice for over 20 years…and she’s built a first class team of advisors and partners that help you every step of the way to afford your dream home. We serve home buyers, homeowners, and realtors throughout the entire greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

So why does everyone call Deanne Katsaros the “Mortgage Mom”? Because Deanne handles your mortgage needs as if you were a part of her family…she points you in the right direction when it comes to choosing lenders, designing the right program for your budget, and ensuring your credit is where it needs to be. Deanne fully appreciates your concerns about committing to a mortgage, and she is dedicated to protecting your interests through the process.

Your Delaware County Mortgage Professionals

Deanne and her team can guide you through the whole process of home buying, home refinancing, or investments – including taking steps to monitor and repair your credit situation, obtain pre-approval from a lender, and helping you choose an insurance provider. We take the time to offer sound advice, introduce you to partners we know we can trust, and answer any and all questions you have.

Want to get started with the mortgage advice you need? Check out Deanne’s radio show and podcasts, “Good News in Real Estate”, on WPHT 1210 here in Philly. Or you can download our convenient app onto your phone right now, take advantage of easy to use mortgage tools and connect with Deanne wherever you are!

If you’d like to get started finding a mortgage and buying or refinancing your home, contact our Delaware County mortgage brokers today and tell us your story. We’re happy to help you settle into a beautiful Delaware County home, that you can comfortably afford!

If you’re considering taking on a mortgage and are loan shopping, make sure that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Have a look at our Ten Commandments for closing a home loan, and check out our FAQ for answers to other questions that you may have. If you’re seeking a home equity loan for some extra cash, read this page to find out more!