Tommy Katsaros

Tom Katsaros, son of the Mortgage Mom, brings his own experience to the world of mortgage assistance. A recent Rowan University, School of Business graduate and athlete, Tom not only knows the value of teamwork but learned, from growing up in the business, what great mortgage consultants do…assist people in freeing up debt and gain the ability to buy a new home or the home of their dream .

Currently, Tom is a professional who works diligently and focuses on being decisive, positive, and well-rounded for his clients. His reward comes from providing excellent service that helps his clients improve their credit and purchase new homes.

Tom continues the legacy of Team Mortgage Mom by serving his clients and growing the business. He plans to build his team, host networking events and home buying seminars, and grow his knowledge of the industry.

Tom loves networking and learning more about people. Tom also loves to travel, especially to Greece to visit family.